10″ Inch Jumbo Transparent Whole House Water Filter Housing With PP Sediment Fiber Filter


10 Inch Transparent Whole House Water Filter Housing Applicable With 10” X 4.5” Filter Cartridges:

  • Sediment Water Filter Cartridge
  • Pleated Washable Sediment Water Filter Cartridge
  • Activated Carbon Block Water Filter Cartridge
  • Granular Activated Carbon Water Filter Cartridge
  • Special Water Filter Cartridge

10 Inch Transparent Whole House Water Filter Housing Features:

  • 10″ Transparent Housing
  • 1” Inlet/Outlet Brass Ports
  • Pressure Relief Button
  • Initial Pressure Drop: 1 PSI
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 60 PSI
  • Operating Temperature: 39°F~125°F (4°C~52°C)
  • Wall Mounting Bracket
  • Housing Opener
  • Set of Screws


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10 Inch Transparent Whole House Water Filter Housing

is used with any standard 10-inch by 4.5-inch sediment, pleated sediment, carbon block or GAC cartridges. Use it with any of our water filter cartridges to remove chlorine, bad tastes, odors, and other particles. Together, this set is ideal for high-flow and heavy sediment applications. They are usually placed in the main water line entering the house including, but not limited to residential drinking water filtration, food service, and irrigation. Our whole house water filter housing even extends the life of washing machines, water heaters, and other household appliances.

This transparent housing body and cap are made of reinforced high-flow polypropylene for strength, toughness, and resistance to chemicals. For better sealing connections to the corresponding pipes, the black cap has 1-inch inlet/outlet brass ports. There is a rubber O-ring on the top of the housing body to ensure a watertight seal. A pressure relief button on the inlet side of the cap releases pressure in the housing for easy changing of filter cartridges. Additionally, it is easy to connect multiple housings in one custom whole house water filtration system to fit your specific needs.



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