2 – Way Diverter Valve For Water Filter Purifiers For 1/4″ Tube


Brand : KENT
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Fits On Kitchen Faucets

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  • Directly connects to kitchen faucets.
  • Two Way Diverter valve 1/4″ with switch collar.

    To connect your counter top water purification system or Reverse osmosis system with 1/4″ tubing directly to kitchen faucet for easy use.

    – This diverter valve is designed for reverse osmosis, water purifiers ¼” tube 

    – Depending on the system tubing connection method, purified water will exit from the small side port on the side of diverter valve.

    – When it is at Off position, you can use the kitchen faucet water.

    – When it is at On position, it diverts water to your water purification system.

    – Material: Body chrome plated Brass.


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