Aqua Kent Hot & Normal Direct Pipe-In Table Top Water Dispenser With Alkaline Filter ( White/Black ) AQ773 TT”



  • Free 4 Stages Alkaline Advanced Filtration Process System
  • Free 3 Meter Food Grade Pipe
  • Comes Wih Child Lock Features
  • Eco Energy Saving : Auto Shut-Off Sensor
  • Prevents Overheating: Thermostat Protector
  • Prevents Bacteria Bleeding With Stainless Steel Hot Water Tank
  • Made With High Quality Materials
  • World Certified Product: Water Quality Association USA Certified
  • Low Noise Operations: Reduces Sound Pollution

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Pure Filtered water from the Tap.

Dual Tap System: Hot and Normal temperature Purified Water from thecomfort of your home or workplace.


New Design

Efficient: Direct Piped-in to water source with Auto refill.


4 Stages Advanced Alkaline Filtration Process System

Comes with child lock features.

Energy Saving: Auto shut-off sensor

Prevent Overheating: Thermostat Protector

Prevent Bacteria Bleeding with Stainless Steel Hot Water Tank

Made with high-quality materials

World Certified Product: Water Quality Association USA Certified

Low Noise Operations: Reduces Sound Pollution


Equally Suitable for Water from All Sources


Aqua Kent Dispensers incorporates an advanced certified 4 Stage Alkaline Filtration System that produces pure filtered water.

1st Stage: 8 ” Korea In-line Sediment Filter (U Type)

2nd Stage: 8 ” Korea In-line Pre Carbon Filter (U Type)

3rd Stage: 8 ” Korea In-line Alkaline Filter (U Type)

4th Stage: 8 ” Korea In-line Post Carbon Filter (U Type)



Smart Operation

Aqua Kent’s system comes with a fully automatic operation allows hassle-free operation without the need of manual intervention. The elegant LED indicator is sleek and minimalistic.


Hot & Normal Water Dispenser Direct Pipe In

Aqua Kent Hot & Normal water dispenser comes with a built-in water filter system that’s connected directly to the water source. Instant hot water for making hot drinks and noodles without waiting for water to boil.

It’s 100% safe and offers a crisp, clean tasting water that boiling water doesn’t have! Stay protected with our 4 Stage with Alkaline Filtration Process that purifies water efficiently.


High-Efficiency Tank for Fast Heating

Aqua Kent’s hot and normal water dispensers have a high-efficiency fast heating system for purifying water that saves electricity.


Built-In SMPS to Save your Electricity!

Aqua Kent dispensers incorporate a built-in SMPS (Switching Mode power supply) instead of a standard power adapter. This enables the purifier to function at maximum capacity despite frequent power fluctuations. This helps save energy and is environmentally friendly.


Corrosion Free Stainless Steel Tank

With full stainless steel tanks, Aqua Kent water dispensers are totally corrosion free and have a long lasting durable life.


Food Grade, Non-Breakable, ABS Plastic Construction

A non-breakable feature of ABS plastic ensures higher durability & longer life of the purifier. Food grade classification ensures that no harmful chemicals leak into the purified water.


Size (cm): 32.5×45.6×52

Heating Power: 42

Hot Water Supply: 5 Liter/Hour

Warm/Cool Water Supply: 2Liter/Hour

Voltage (V): 230V

Frequency (HZ): 50


Additional information

Weight 5.8 kg
Dimensions 33 × 44 × 52 cm