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Made In Japan
3 in 1 filter Cartridge ( Sediment + ActivatedCarbon + UltraFiltration 0.01 micron Membrane )
Removes Bacteria,Viruses & Cysts In Water
Easy to Clean
Fits on all taps.
Drink directly no need to boil water anymore.
3 mode selector lever Spray, Straight & Pure.
Removes foul smell and taste.

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Made in Japan – KENT Tap Guard

Get clean, safe and germ-free water by installing the KENT Tap Guard which has state-of-the-art hollow fibre UF Membrane. The granular activated carbon eliminates chlorine, odour and turbidity, whereas the UF membrane removes bacteria and cysts effortlessly.

It is also an excellent choice for kitchen sinks to wash fruits, vegetables, meat and sea-food with bacteria-free and cyst-free water.

Twin-purification Technology (Granular Activated Carbon and Advanced Multi-layered Hollow Fibre UF Membrane)

Removes Bacteria, Micro-Organisms, Chlorine and Foul Smell

It is based and made on Japan’s twin-purification technology of Granular Activated Carbon and Advanced Multi-layered Hollow Fibre UF Membrane that removes most of the microscopic contaminants. The high grade Granular Activated Carbon is a powerful de-chlorination agent, which removes residual chlorine and unpleasant odour from the tap water.The Advanced Multi-Layered Hollow Fiber UF Membrane Filter removes rust, bacteria, cyst, coliform bacilli, micro-organisms & microscopic impurities from the tap water.

Suitable For All Taps

Suitable For All Taps

KENT Tap Guard fits on all types of taps in bathrooms and kitchens. Its versatile design and multiple adaptors allow installation on almost all types of taps & faucets.

Easy To Use

Easy To Use

KENT Tap Guard comes with a see through window to check contamination build-up and identify when it’s time to replace the filter cartridge.

3-mode Water Selection Lever

Suitable For Different Requirements

Comes with an easy to use 3-mode water selection lever that provides a choice of Purified Water, Unfiltered Straight or Unfiltered Spray to suit everyone’s needs.

Highly Durable

Highly Durable

The twin-purification technology based filter cartridge has a long life of up to 1500 litres and it also comes with a facility to backwash to clean the cartridge to increase its life.


Filter Cartridges Granular Activated Carbon Polysulfone
Hollow Fibre UF Membrane
Construction ABS Food Grade
Initial Filtration Flow Rate 2.0 litres/minute @1 bar
Minimum Working Water Pressure 0.7 bar
Cartridge Life 8 To 12 Months
Outer Dimensions 69mm (H), 104mm (L), 116 mm (W)
Weight 335 gms
Accessories Standard filter cartridge (1 pc), Adaptor (4 pcs),
Attachment Tool (1 pc), Backwash Syringe (1 pc)

Customer Reviews


I have a 5 year old son and so it was necessary that the water we use at home is clean and free of contaminants. After reading a lot of reviews, we decided to get KENT Tap Guard, which removes impurities and makes water safe for use.


5 Star

An innovative and useful product

I shifted to Malaysia a few months back and considering the quality of water here, we decided to install tap guard from KENT after a lot of research. Thanks to KENT, we don’t have to worry about the quality of water we are using.

Victor Kang


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