Kent Grand+ Water Filter And Purifier by Reverse Osmosis + UV + UF with Minerals


Fully Automatic Operation auto-start and auto-off.
Advanced UV lamp to provide complete de-activation Sterilization of harmful micro-organism bacteria.
Purified Water Storage Capacity of 8 Liters maintains PH of water.
WQA,USA Gold Seal Certified Product.
Selection of pure RO Water or RO Mineral Water due to its TDS Control Technology.
Separate Tank For Reject Water.
Elegant wall mountable design or place on a stand.
Double purification by Filmtec (USA) RO + UV + UF Membranes.
RO Membrane , UF filter, Sediment filter, Activated carbon filters, Post carbon filters for Pure Water.
Computer controlled with filter and uv change alarm .

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Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 47 × 29 × 58 cm


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