Aqua Kent Outdoor Ultra filtration 0.01µ 3000 L/hr UF Full Stainless Steel Water Filter ( AQ800 )


Free Installations at Selected areas only
10 Years Warranty”
With Free 4 Italy made high quality valves for backwash.
Made with high quality stainless steel materials.
Optional Flushing Auto Timer
Best Selling Outdoor Water Filter

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Package – During Free Installations at selected areas only it will come with 4 off high quality Italy made Valves required for Backwash of Membrane filter.

Only with this 4 valve a proper backwash can be done to extend lifespan of membrane.

Auto Timer for flushing is an optional item get it here


Aqua Kent Ultrafiltration – UF 0.01µ Membrane


UF membranes typically have pore size of 0.01 µm which contributes to a high removal capability of bacteria, viruses, colloids and silt, thereby producing high-quality pure water.




A water filter that ensures high application production of clean, high flow purity content water that can be used in recreational facilities such as restaurants, canteens, and even residential areas.

Membranes reject particulates that are 0.01 microns and larger

Runs on Ultrafiltration Process (UF), which essentially separates out the particles that cause impurity in water such as bacteria, viruses and cysts. With a membrane that protects even the finest of particles up to 0.01 microns, whilst maintaining healthy minerals ions and molecules that promote healthy, clean water.




  • Traditional sand media filters typically remove particles to down to about only 5 microns.
  • Ultrafiltration (UF) technology uses a membrane barrier to exclude particles as small as 0.01 microns, including bacteria, viruses and colloids, meeting increasingly stringent water quality standards and providing a stable, reliable and consistent water quality.




  • No use of pretreatment chemicals (polymer, coagulant, pH adjustment) and associated costs for sludge disposal.
  • Small footprint and less weight than sand media filters.
  • When used as a pre-treatment for reverse osmosis (RO), UF also helps reduce fouling of RO membranes, which can lead to:
  • Reduced chemical cleaning frequency and consequently, lower operating costs and downtime.
  • The potential to operate RO at higher flux, with fewer membranes and vessels – leading to lower capital cost for the indoor RO system.



    • Size of Vessel (Inches): 30.5 X 4.5
    • Valve Capacity: 3/4
    • Type of Filtration Media: Hollow Fibre UF Membrane 0.01 µm
      High Removal Capability Of Bacteria, Viruses, Colloids And Silt, Thereby
      Producing High-Quality Pure Water.
    • Flow Rate: 1600-2,000 L / H
    • Material: Shell: Stainless Steel 304, Thickness: 1.5mm
    • Membrane: Polyacrylonitrile (Pan): Good Mechanical Strength Pressure Resistance Compared to Pes / Pvdf material.
    • Max Working Pressure: 0.1 – 0.40 MPa ( 1 – 4 bar )
    • Flushing / Cleaning Valve: Auto or Manual
    • Optional Galcon Auto Timer – Battery Operated: 9V, Digital Function, Max. 4x Auto
      Cleaning Option available 7days Selection Cleaning Option, Cleaning Duration Option
    • Ideal For: Laundry, Bathing, Cooking, Cleansing, Drinking
      and Much More
    • Warranty: 10 Years

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Weight 10.5 kg
Dimensions 35 × 20 × 20 cm


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